Pilot courses


The E-Math method has been tested in pilot courses in 15 schools during the autumn of 2012. The data is currently being analyzed but the results have so far been quite encouraging. Below are some of the comments teachers and students have made about the E-Math method:

All exercises are well organized and when new ideas come up, the people who are creating the ebooks take these ideas and carry them out. That was surprising for me.
–Teacher, Estonia

I have always dreamt about the students being able to explain their solutions verbally, now they have to write the explanations, it’s even better!
–Teacher, Estonia

I can see who has done homework. I remember the day all 18 students had sent me homework
–Teacher, Estonia

Here you really learn what you have to do at each step, you can’t just skip something without knowing what to do, you really do understand each step.
–Boy, Finland

I would recommend this method to those who are weak in maths. I wasn’t good, my grade was 3 (scale 1-5) but now it’s 5. Structured derivations helped me.
–Boy, Estonia

It was like something unnatural happened. But I mean I even understood something. With that I’m quite satisfied.
– Girl, Finland

At least you prepare more for the tests as you actually have to write down everything thoroughly, including those derivations […] If you’d be calculating in the usual way on paper, you wouldn’t be as concerned with what the calculations look like or what the derivations are like
–Boy, Finland

Now I think about what I’m supposed to do next as opposed to just calculating
–Girl, Finland

Pilots 2013

A new round of pilot courses will start in autumn 2013. Over 15 schools will keep working with the E-Math method and the project will collect and analyze the experience gained from these courses.

If you are interested in testing out our method, please contact us for more information. The schools currently involved in the pilots are:


  • Luostarivuoren lukio
  • Raision lukio
  • Kerttulin lukio
  • Naantalin lukio
  • Loimaan lukio


  • Södra Latin
  • Kärrtorps gymnasium


  • Tallinna Kristiine Gümnaasium
  • Lasnamäe Gümnaasium
  • Tallinna Tehnikagümnaasium
  • Tallinna Kuristiku Gümnaasium
  • Tallinna Tõnismäe Reaalkool
  • Pelgulinna Gümnaasium
  • Tallinna Nõmme Gümnaasium
  • Tallinna Ühisgümnaasium


  • Ålands lyceum.
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