The additional functions

The e-books have a number of integrated functions that can give added value to teaching:

The books contain all tools you need to solve assignments:

  • Graphs and pictures can be drawn in the book.
  • A calculator is integrated in the book.

The books are connected to a course management system:

  • Students can solve all exercises in the book and then send them to the teacher.
  • The teacher's feedback on exercises can be seen directly in the student's book.
  • The teacher can follow the class development continuously.
  • Teachers can follow each student's progress more closely as he or she constantly has access to all the work every student does.

The books can be adapted according to preferences and level:

  • The teacher can add material and exercises to the book.
  • The teacher can create lesson presentations with the book.
  • The books are automatically updated when errors are discovered.
  • The students can change the design and colour of the book with several different themes.
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