Other organisations

Except for the project partners, a number of other organisations have also enabled the realisation of the E-Math project. A brief description of respective organisation is given below.



Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS) is a joint research institute of University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. TUCS conducts basic and applied research in computer science and engineering. The research at TUCS is carried out through a number of research units. The units have a specific research focus and their status as a TUCS Research Unit is confirmed by the TUCS board for a period of three years. One of the units at TUCS is the Learning and Reasoning laboratory.

Learning and Reasoning laboratory

The Learning and Reasoning laboratory is part of Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS), and has members from both Åbo Akademi and the University of Turku. The laboratory studies and develops new methods and tools for teaching mathematics and programming. The target group is junior high school students, high school students and introductory level university and polytechnic students. The research is concentrated on four topics: (a) teaching mathematics using structured derivations, (b) teaching formal methods in programming using invariant based programming, (c) developing tutoring systems for programming courses, and (d) teaching practical programming skills using Python. The E-Math project is one of the projects of the laboratory.

IMPEd resource centre

IMPEd is a resource centre providing new ideas and methods for teaching basic mathematics and programming at different education levels. The centre is a joint research project between the IT departments at Åbo Akademi University and the University of Turku and is sustained by the Learning and Reasoning laboratory. The IMPED research aims at improving the understanding of mathematics and programming at secondary schools and among first year students at universities and polytechnics. IMPEd is supported by the Federation of the Finnish Technology Industries.


Central Baltic Programme IV A 2007-2013

The Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme funds cross-border cooperation projects in the central Baltic Sea area covering regions from Estonia, Finland, Åland, Latvia and Sweden.

The funded projects focus on environment, economic growth as well as attractive and dynamic societies. The programme aims at allocating 96 MEUR of project financing from the European Regional Development Fund to the programme area during the years 2007-2013. The E-Math project was one of the biggest projects of the programme.

Other financiers

There are a several other projects which relate to E-Math and interactive learning in mathematics. These are financed by the following:

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