The E-Books

During the last years, technology has become a vital part of life and we have come to rely on it for providing everything from a train ticket to a personal trainer. The education world has traditionally been more conservative in adopting new things and is just now starting to actively make computers and tablets a part of learning.

With maths, the transition is not as easy as with other subjects. It has long been very difficult to find an easy way of writing mathematical text on a computer, with many saying it is impossible to do. Without being able to write any kind of maths in e-books, these do not really give any added value compared to traditional books. Additionally, most e-books today require an internet connection. Providing a whole school with a high speed internet connection is very expensive and something few schools have the funds to do.

When E-Math started to develop e-books, the main goal was to make these as useful and user-friendly as possible. We wanted the books to be more than just electronic versions of the traditional books and for them to help teachers in making maths more interesting and easier to understand. By combining substance with technology we have created books that hopefully can give added value to the classroom as well as a system that enables teaching maths on a computer in an easy way.

The project has produced 15 e-books in three languages that will be available free of charge to the general public in January 2014. The books follow the curriculum for the mathematics taught in the first year of high school in the participating countries.


MAA1: Funktiot ja yhtälöt (in Finnish), Funktioner och ekvationer (in Swedish)
MAA2: Polynomit (in Finnish), Polynom (in Swedish)
MAA3: Geometria (in Finnish), Geometri (in Swedish)
MAA4: Analyyttinen geometria (in Finnish), Analytisk geometri (in Swedish)


Matematik 1C
Matematik 2C


Arvuhulgad. Avaldised.
Võrrandid ja võrrandisüsteemid
Võrratused. Trigonomeetria I
Trigonomeetria II
Vektor tasandil. Joone võrrand

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